Websites and Marketing

Any Business, Any Size

What We Offer

Website Design & Development

Hopkins Media Solutions is capable of providing you with an entirely optimized website, reaching your clients before the competitors. Whether that means making sure our back-end support is always available, integrating e-commerce capabilities, or providing an entirely custom user-experience, we at HMS are dedicated to ensuring you and your clients experience reliable and effective solutions to your business needs. Each client is unique, every need is different. We’re here to make a seamless transition into a compelling web-presence.


Social Media Content

Each social media service targets a different angle of your shared market. With multiple different facets of social media, we’re able to provide a multi-faceted networking approach to your clients or consumers.Using the services of social media, we’re able to engage your audience, create discussion, and drive traffic to your website. Hopkins Media Solutions will be able to sculpt a directly-designed approach for all you your social media outlets. Furthermore, releasing product info and answering consumer concerns through these platforms will be entirely integrated into your user- experience.

Content Writing

The concepts of your inspiration may be complex, and we don’t expect everyone to be able to put it into words. Hopkins Media Solutions offers content writing for anything on your website or social media platforms. Communication is key. With concise language, communication to your clients will never be easier.


Every website we build follows the latest trends in search engine optimization. We understand that keywords are not the entirety of promoting your services. We expand the horizons by ensuring that your presence is far-reaching on the web, pulling traffic from all areas. We optimize every site for speed and user experience, running through Google Webmaster tools to ensure your score is as high as possible on desktop and mobile devices.

Analytics & Reporting

Every site we build is accompanied with an analytics account, powered by Google. It will already be configured and set up to follow the unique needs of your website. It’s based on custom campaigns that we’ll work directly with you to achieve. Between user-flows, click-through rates, content engagement, and observing the market impact, this analyzation provides accurate reporting to aide us in identifying the effective ways that we promote traffic to your website.

Graphic Design

Every business, no matter the size or type, requires marketing tools. Whatever your need, we will work with you to provide exactly what you want to promote your business and put your best foot forward.


How We Work

We like to listen. That means we will strive to understand your needs and work with you to find the perfect solution to any problem. We take an interactive approach with our clients and have regular check-ins to avoid hangups and stagnation on projects.

Our design and development process are all agile; from the paper wire frames, two week sprints and final review of the project. We’ll be sure your project is on time and satisfactory.

HMS is dedicated to providing a specifically tailored web-presence based on your individual needs and desires. We’re here with you every step of the way. Our consultants will be designing your website with the highest quality in mind.

Hopkins Media Solutions started from an idea; the idea to throw away the conventional idea of just a company making a website. We realized that there was too much of a lapse in communication between the content creators and the presentation. We remedy this by truly listening to your needs and ideas, refining them with you and creating an effective and beautiful site.